9/23 Furmeet!



There, I did it... let's go. (Somebody's got to start these up again!)

Lazertag at Cyber City, the place behind Philly Cheesesteak off Broadway (101) in Eureka next Thursday. I believe the cost is $3 (correct me if I'm wrong) and you can play your own music. :D Hope to see people there!

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Fuuurrrrrrriiiiieeeesssssssss.  So, cause this comm needs some more life to it; out of curiosity, anybody working on a fursuit for Halloween besides me?  Or anybody got any other interesting costume ideas/neat Halloween-y plans?

Incoming!!! >:'D

...Freshmen, that is. XP  Anyways, hey, all!  I'm going to be moving up to Arcata sometime this week to attend HSU, and figured now would be a good time to pop out of the woodwork and maybe make some friends that aren't six to eight hours away. XD 

Now, then introductions, introductions~  I tend to go by Mika on ze intarbutts, and my real life name in...well, real life. ^ ^;; Ya'll can have my actual name later; trust me, it ain't all that interesting. XD Now then, I'm not much of an artist, but I am a novice fursuit builder.  Fursuiting tends to be my main foray into the fandom.  I've made four suits, the black one in my icon being the second.  My first suit's been kinda cannibalized, but I also have a bat and an attempt at my fursona (a blonde husky-mutt, for those interested). :'3 The latter two are comin' with me, so you may see 'em around. :'D (Out of curiosity, any other fursuiters in the area?) 

Hm... that's about it on the furry front...  So, then, about me...  I am an almost 18-year-old girl with a tentative major in English and an interest in teaching, as well as theater, mainly stagecraft.  My other hobbies besides fursuit-building include video games and baking.  (Apparently, I make a mean cake. X'3)  That's probably more than enough info for now...>.>;;;  So...heh...erm...yeah.  Everybody having a good evening? ^ ^
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New kitten here!

Hi there,
my name is madeline and i talked to Dreamous on yahoo for a while and now that i am out of highschool i am very ready to come to meetings,
i would love to know when the next one is and where so i can attend!
<3 Knives
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Hey ya'll!

Just a shout out to all the cool furs in the area. Word up yo, and all that shite. If you haven't joined the yahoo site, check it out under the community profile info and sign up to go to some meets. X3

anyways, have a nice day and hope to meet you if i haven't already!

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Heyo all,

I know that most of my usual painting group goes is in the LJ group now... so I'm just gonna use here :p You guys up for painting Saturday or Sunday? Lemme know please~ :)
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